Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fear and Freedom

Most of us make this choice everyday- Fear vs. Freedom

I think these are the two most fundamental choices that we can, and do, make everyday about how our lives turn out. And most of us choose Fear many more times than we choose freedom.

The Fear we choose is called by many names - 'anxiety' about things not under our perceived control, 'tension' about things under our perceived control, 'disappointment', 'denial' and 'rejection' that something important to us didn't go the way we wanted it to, 'jealousy', 'animosity' and 'hatred' that someone else got something that we felt WE deserved more, 'pride' and 'triumph' in someone else's failure rather than our or another's success, and 'indifference' - the bastard child of the incredulous belief that the individual is somehow more important than the community . . . all put together, the classic endless ego trip that most of us accept unquestioningly as 'Life'.

Few choose Freedom- the super-charged mental state that empowers us to go after what we want with total 'presence',and without the mental drain of Fear.

Today, I want to choose Freedom.

Whatever you believe in, will manifest itself- say Wayne Dyer, Rhonda Byrne and Robin Sharma, the Wisdom-Sharers.

So today, I choose Freedom - through Belief, Acceptance and Presence.

And thus I am free to manifest miracles in my life. 

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