Monday, April 15, 2013

Epiphany of the Day – The Importance of Differentiation

There are mainly two ways to take the advantage in a competitive market:

1. Offer a better solution

2. Offer a differentiated solution

This simple theoretical model could prove very valuable not just to companies, but to each and every one of us in our daily lives as well. In this instance, reading this little nugget triggered off a thought in me about my constant endeavors to write a meaningful blog.

A question I've been pondering for a long time, is how to compete with the thousands of blogs already out there that command wide readership? A big chunk of the answer quietly came to me from this know-bite: to be successful and command good readership, this blog will have to do two things, and do them consistently:

1. Provide good content (my habit of voracious reading and the years of field-experience in learning would be quite helpful here), and

2. Provide the reader a differentiated experience (which would mean offering the reader a strong and consistent style of blogging that could sound out over time as my own, 'different' style).

Viewed from this lens, this critical question of 'how to really make a difference with this blog' quickly breaks itself down from being a 'monolithic writer's block' into an open-ended series of quick actionable to-dos which, in this case, inspired me to write this little piece for the blog after a significant hiatus.

Now, the purpose and framework for this blog seems to be coming together quite nicely, and hopefully some good ideas can be expected to flow from this blog in the days to come.

An interesting question at this point, though: how do you see this 'better/differentiated' model helping you break through some of the mental blocks that you've been struggling with?

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